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Outdoor Condensing Units

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 Outdoor condensing units

The new Series of outdoor condensing units, are now available from Bock.
Ranging from 4hp - 15hp, incorporating the Bock Pluscom Semi-Hermetic Compressor.

Standard design specifications

Bock Pluscom Semi Hermetic Compressor

Colourbond Sheet Metal Enclosure

Generous Condenser sizes for the Australian Climate

Dual Pressure Control with Flexilines

Discharge Line Vibration Eliminator

Internal Float Oil Separator

Liquid Receiver, Drier & Sightglass

Electrical Panel fully wired (Includes Isolation Switch)

Crankcase Heater

Electronic Motor Protection

Oil Charge - Polyolester as standard (Mineral on request)

Optional extras

Liquid Line Solenoid Valve

Suction Accumulator

Capacity Control

HP Fan Cycle Switch

Oil Level Monitoring

Crankcase Pressure Regulator

Pressure Relief Valves

TRAXOIL Oil Regulator

Outdoor Condensing Units

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