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Installation version VAP 11 (win)

Our VAP 11 is also available as installation version!


The instalaltion file of the VAP 11 offline version can be found at the bottom of this site.


The VAP 11 still contains all semi-hermetic compressors and condensing units, all open-type compressor and compressor units as well as all open-type vehicle compressors in one version.


In comparison with the previous version, version VAP 11 (win) contains the following changes:


  • New efficiency optimized condensing units: SHG(X)44e L
  • Clearing up of products: DHG, SHG(HA) RU, HG R134a and HG R410A are moved to "Former types"
  • New efficiency optimized ATEX-compressors: EX-HG22e+34e
  • New ATEX-compressors for HC-refrigerants: EX-HG12P-6 HC


Besides the installation software, we also offer you an online version with actual data and new updates:



Notes for installation of GEA Bock Software VAP 11 (win):


System requirements:


  • Windows XP or higher
  • Microsoft IIS Express
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Min. 200 MB available in the hard disc


Steps for installation:


1.     Start the setup via the installation file vap-setup-11.1.3-(win).exe

2.     Please follow the steps through the installation dialog

3.     During the installation process the required software tool Microsoft IIS Express will be installed automatically


To run the VAP the program Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is necessary. This is free software from Microsoft and should already be installed when you use Windows 7 or Vista. If the program is not yet installed, it will be automatically downloaded and installed during the VAP installation process. Therefore an active internet connection is necessary. The time span for downloading the program .NET depends on the speed of your internet connection and can be up to 50 min.


For questions relating operation, suggestions concerning the software or for reporting errors please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone:


Phone: +49 7022 9454-0

Installation Version
VAP 11 (win)

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