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CO2 Technology Training Frickenhausen

On site: CO2 basic training with tour of training application

Together with Danfoss, BOCK offers special user training courses. For this purpose, a complete transcritical supermarket cooling system with the latest CO2 technology is in operation at the BOCK training center - with heat recovery + air conditioning + parallel compression + ejector - to make the trainingss practical.


BOCK Training Centre, Frickenhausen


16 - 17 November 2022

11/16/2022: 09:00 am - 17:00 pm (CEST) CO2 basics and further information
11/17/2022: 09:00 am - 15:30 pm (CEST) Training on the "Supermarket Training System"

Number of participants: max. 12 pesons
free of charge*

  • Basics and further information about CO2 starting with the question "Why CO2 at all" and characteristics of the differences to F-gases.
  • Application regulation and control
  • Safety devices
  • Heat recovery
  • Cooling unit "Supermarket": CO2 training unit: tour, unit components,
  • commissioning, control system, etc.
  • Transcritical CO2 compressor survey

* IMPORTANT: The COVID-19 regulations in effect at that time apply. 


Frank Alisch, Bock Training Manager
Knut Schlicht, Team Coordinator Electronics GSA, Danfoss

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