Refrigeration Technology - Apprenticeships

The °Clever Art of Education: Apprenticeship with Bock

It is important to us that our trainees not only learn a profession, but also find their vocation. That they do not start their professional life as ex-trainees, but as "°Clever Experts". That they can draw added value from their training with us, not only professionally but also personally. It is important to us that they feel part of our #bockfamily. Because we believe that success happens when you give everything you stand for. And good performance starts with a good feeling.

At Bock, we always look at the tried and tested with a fresh eye, because "after the game is before the game".  We ask ourselves and each other anew every day: How can we give that little bit more? Do more for the environment, the community, our customers, and partners? How can we make our products even more efficient, more innovative, and even better in view of changes in the world, the ever-changing climate conditions, or new laws?

How can we grow together, with consideration for the people next to us, motivation, and joy beyond ourselves and develop a team spirit that carries, promotes, and inspires us?  That gives us a sense of belonging and lets us grow together as a family. This basic attitude and these inner questions drive us every day. That is what makes us and what we stand for. This is our credo, and this is exactly how we see the topic of educating people.



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