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Welcome to the °Cool and Clever Experts. Welcome to Bock. You may have asked yourself how we got our claim °The Clever Art of Cooling or what we mean by it.
We would very much like to explain. Because we associate ourselves with this motto every day.

We want to live authentically what we convey and contribute to a better life through our mobile and stationary compressors as well as our services in the field of refrigeration. We want to provide a good climate in the truest sense of the word. With a view to the future. Because refrigeration technology has become indispensable in modern everyday life. Whether in the food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical technology, in retail or in transport or the air-conditioning of buses, trains or buildings.

In view of the ever-increasing changes in the world's climate, legal changes relating to climate change and the growing importance of climate-protecting, cost- and energy-efficient solutions for refrigeration and air-conditioning issues, we would like to make our contribution.

We want to see what we have developed with passion, innovative spirit, and years of experience in the field of reciprocating compressor production implemented in our compressors. Furthermore, we want to ensure a transfer of knowledge, synergy effects, and intelligent solutions for cooling, air conditioning and community.

The °Clever Art of Cooling understands all these concerns and goals united. Together with our employees and colleagues, our customers, and partners, we want to shape the world of tomorrow. Our slogan "colour the world of tomorrow" reminds us of this every day. It motivates us to make this message our inner motto and quality promise across all levels. Our aspiration is to always advise customers on their situation and requirements, to meet them precisely and to offer clever, "state of the art compressors".  We want to bundle and share knowledge and understanding in the implementation of sophisticated community projects.

In concrete terms, we put our concern into practice, for example, in our trainings and with many clever online formats with which you can promote, expand and complete your knowledge and know-how in refrigeration technology. You can find our tools and training offers below.

Become a °Clever and Cool Expert -  so you can get the most out of your Bock compressors and grow with us.

Trainings and Webinars

°Clever+cool Experts Visual

BOCK has been playing an active role in the field of customer training for many years and can therefore rely on its lengthy experience. For example, we offer an extensive range of attractive training programmes - regardless of the type of training you are interested in.

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Service Clips & Service Tips

Service Clips

You want or need to know how to change the oil in Bock compressors? Or how to replace a valve plate? No problem. In our Service Clips Frank, our training manager, shows you in detail all important things and what you have to consider. See for yourself!
The series will of course be continued with further topics and tasks. And if there is still an open question, we will of course be there for you as usual.

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  The semi-hermetic Bock compressors in the heat pumps have run absolutely faultlessly since the first day. (Picture: CTA)

Even if refrigeration and air conditioning products often don't make their grand entrance in the limelight, behind the scenes they are important and often vital - thus system-relevant. And our BOCK compressors and condensing units are used successfully in a wide variety of areas and applications. Convince yourself of our successfully implemented projects.

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Hugo the compressor

BOCK compressor Hugo drawings

Still fit, with over 160,000 operating hours behind it: Hugo the compressor purrs like it did on the first day. Hugo is an HK2C type semi-hermetic compressor, built in 1955. It has one cylinder and runs at 1,450 revolutions per minute. It is named after Hugo Bock who, together with company founders Wilhelm Bock and Erich Etter, was managing the company when Hugo was built.

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°Clever+Cool Expert with passion: Frank Alisch

Frank Alisch

If you attend one of our webinars, watch a service tip or clip, or join us on site in Frickenhausen for one of our popular CO2 training courses or workshops, you will be able to experience our trainer Frank with a lot of passion and dedication. With patience and expertise, he explains basics as well as technical subtleties. We would like to introduce him briefly.

  • "year of construction": 1965
  • Apprenticeship as electrician for maintenance and servicing
  • Cooling technician
  • Cooling engineer (master)
  • Technical customer consultant, after-sales engineering cooling technology 
  • Project manager cooling technology
  • since 2018: training manager BOCK compressors