HC compressor extended operating limits

Extended application limits for HC compressors

the clever solution for heat pumps.

For the BOCK HC compressor series (types: HG44e HC, EX-HG44e HC, HG56e HC and EX-HG56e HC) for hydrocarbon refrigerants, the operating limits for R290 and R1270 could be significantly extended, thanks to the optimized compressor drive units: More efficiency and the possibility of heat pump use are hereby even better given.

The BOCKlub G68 compressor oil plays a major role in this. The used BOCKlub G68 compressor oil with high viscosity index and high thermal stability shows excellent lubrication properties at low and high evaporation and condensing temperatures. As a result, a significant increase in performance and expansion of the compressor application possibilities could be achieved.

Increased performance, versatile use, and a long service life by using BOCKlub compressor oil.

The advanced compressor engines continue to demonstrate reliability and long service life even at increased operating limits. This allows the compressors to be used in heat recovery applications and provides a modern, newer, and more efficient solution for the heat pump sector.

Extended operating limits - HC and heat pump

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