Bock @ IAA Transportation 2022 / Visit us in Hanover (September 20 - 25, Hall 22, Booth C18

Premiere at the IAA Transportation 2022

BOCK presents new compressors for natural and synthetic refrigerants

New as well as further developed and proven compressors for mobile air conditioning and refrigeration applications are the focus of BOCK's exhibition appearance at the IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover (September 20 - 25, Hall 22, Booth C18). "Our compressors are used worldwide as key components in bus, railway and transport refrigeration and are constantly being adapted to market requirements and new regulations," says Ulrich Frey, Product Manager Mobile Applications at BOCK. "As highlights at the IAA, in addition to the CO₂ starCO₂mpressor with its innovative 'star' drive design, we will also be showing semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors in aluminum design and the new CO₂ reciprocating compressor with digital capacity control and energy-efficient LSPM motors."

BOCK HG34 series in aluminum design - optionally also for A2L refrigerants

BOCK presents its well proven semi-hermetic HG34 compressors for synthetic refrigerants and blends at the IAA as a series in aluminum design. The advantages: low weight, high efficiency and durability as well as repairable and sustainable compared to full hermetic solutions. Another plus of the series is its flexibility. Different variants and special accessories allow the compressors to be optimally adapted to individual customer requirements. "For example, for the use of A2L refrigerants such as R1234yf or hydrocarbons - perfectly suited for future-proofen use in electric buses and trains," explains Ulrich Frey.

In focus: mobile compressors for the natural refrigerant CO₂

BOCK was an early mover in the development of efficient and reliable compressors for natural refrigerants such as CO₂ (R744). "In this context, functionality, cost-effectiveness and climate protection must go hand in hand. We will demonstrate this to exhibition visitors using the example of our mobile CO₂ compressor StarCO₂mpressor, which is available as a 4- and 6-cylinder version," says Frey. The innovative "star" engine design, which has already proven itself in series production, offers immense advantages thanks to the industry's lowest overall height and lowest weight - while at the same time providing the widest frequency range for a wide variety of performance requirements. "It is also particularly advantageous for energy-saving and, above all, environmentally friendly heat generation with a CO₂ heat pump to achieve a significantly higher vehicle range," says Frey.

New: CO₂ compressors with digital capacity control and LSPM motors

BOCK has now expanded the portfolio of its semi-hermetic CO₂ series with new model variants: the Frickenhausen-based company will show the transcritical CO₂ compressor HGX24 with BOCK flexxCO₂NTROL technology for digital capacity control, with energy-efficient LSPM motors and in a UL-certified version for the North American market for the first time at its IAA booth. The CO₂ solution with HGX24 is specifically designed for applications where compactness and weight are not top priorities.

90 years of BOCK: 90 years of experience with a clear view of the future

"With our exhibition appearance at the IAA Transportation in the year of our 90th company anniversary, we also want to make a statement: Thanks to its decades of experience, BOCK offers a dynamic product portfolio for the challenges of the market that provides efficient solutions for a more sustainable future for customers and the environment," says Hans-Frieder Fischer, Sales Director Mobile Applications at BOCK GmbH.

CO₂ Compressor: Bock starCO₂mpressor

CO₂ Compressor: Bock starCO₂mpressor

Semi-hermetic compressor HG34 in aluminum design

Semi-hermetic compressor HG34 in aluminum design

HGX24 compressor with digital capacity control

HGX24 compressor with digital capacity control

Darstellung des FK-Fahrzeugverdichter offen

Open type vehicle compressor FK40