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We are happy to inform you today that BOCK Compressors Australia Pty. Ltd will now operate directly as a sales subsidiary in Australia within the BOCK Group. This will allow us to follow our business directly on site and to serve our customers even better. This will allow us to grow and provide our industry with the best service, innovative, quality compressors and continued refrigeration expertise. Philip Way, whom we would like to introduce to you today, will provide us with adept support in the position of General Manager.

Philip Way BOCK Australia

We are happy to introduce "Bock Compressors Australia Pty. Ltd." (Dandenong Sth. Victoria) today as an independently operating sales subsidiary. From there we will serve the Australian and New Zealand markets for refrigeration, stationary and mobile compressors.

Together with this good news, we would also like to introduce our General Manager Philip Way. He will be happy to assist and advise you as the operational General Manager in all matters concerning our BOCK compressors.

Philip Way has over 45 years of experience in the Australian refrigeration industry and is very keen to maintain and build long term partnerships and trading relationships. With his personal motto: "All parties benefit when knowledge is shared", he is an ideal fit for BOCK and shares our values.

We are very happy to have Phil on board and say: WELCOME TO THE BOCK FAMILY!

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