For industrial low temperature applications with high standstill pressures:

New subcritical CO2 compressor HGX24e CO2 LT from BOCK

After the successful market launch of the transcritical CO2 Bock compressor HGX24 CO2 T, Bock now launched the further development for the subcritical low temperature applications in mid-May.

The 4-cylinder CO2 compressor HGX24e CO2 LT, which has been available since 17 May 2021, operates in six displacement stages and is available in the motor sizes ML and S. It thus offers a wide frequency range and greater operating limits, which increases operational flexibility. At the same time, risks, susceptibility to faults, operating and service costs are reduced. High efficiency, quality and reliability are also strengths of the new subcritical CO2 compressor.

Climate-friendly and flexible in use:
For booster and cascade applications in commercial and industrial food refrigeration.

In CO2 refrigeration systems, high pressures are not unusual and require a precise consideration of operating and standstill pressure to obtain the optimum design for the respective application.

The new Bock LT series can easily cope with higher standstill pressures that exceed the low-pressure range of 40 or 30 bar, because it is designed for pressures on the low-pressure side (LP) of up to 100 bar.

BOCK has addressed this issue with the LT compressor series for just such special specifications in low temperature applications: The subcritical HGX24e CO2 LT operates highly efficiently at evaporating temperatures between -50 °C and 0 °C and condensing temperatures of up to 25 °C.

With a cooling capacity of 8 to 23 kW, the compressor offers performance in the small to medium capacity range with particularly high durability. The HGX24e CO2 LT uses the natural refrigerant R744 and is climate-friendly and sustainable. The max. permissible pressures of the compressors are LP/HP 100/100 bar.


About Bock

BOCK is one of the world's technology and innovation leaders in the development of environmentally friendly, economical solutions in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning technology, including heat pumps and heat recovery - with one of the world's largest portfolios of compressors for natural refrigerants such as CO2 (R744), hydrocarbons and other low-GWP refrigerants.

Press release 2021-06 HG24 CO2 LT

Press release 2021-06 HG24 CO2 LT

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