BOCK aluminium compressor HG22e for mobile applications

Semi-hermetic compressors for mobile applications

HG aluminum compressors for bus, rail and transport cooling

The BOCK aluminum reciprocating compressors, based on the classic HG compressor series, are lightweights compared to the standard HG compressors. Due to their lightweight construction, they are designed for use in mobile cooling, are approx. 40 % lighter and have a reduced overall height, which is ideal for installation on the roof, as the overall load capacity of the roof is not too much affected by the compressor itself. This is a solution that offers new possibilities for system providers in mobile cooling technology. Especially in bus and train air conditioning as well as transport refrigeration.



Mobile Alu compressor vehicles
  • Semi-hermetic 2-pole compressors with 2-pole drive motor
  • as a Pluscom version
  • as 2- and 4-cylinder compressors in grey cast iron or all-aluminum lightweight construction




The performance-enhancing compressor series based on the HG standard compressors with 2-pole drive motors provides a 60 H mains frequency. This provides a higher cooling capacity compared to 50 Hz operation. The increase in maximum compressor capacity is due to the use of the specially developed Bock K-valve plate. The semi-hermetic HG compressors from BOCK for are available as 2- and 4-cylinder compressors, as grey cast iron and aluminum lightweight versions to cover almost every application requirement in mobile refrigeration technology.

Effektivität und Zuverlässigkeit
Cooling Application:
  • Bus and train air-conditioning
  • Transport refrigeration
  • Mobile cooling


    HG compressor Aluminum Version

    Product Quick Check

    semi-hermetic alu compressor
    1. Identical connection options for the entire HGX34 series
    2. Reliable oil management system for mobile applications
    3. Proven and efficient reciprocating piston technology with optimized valve plate system
    4. Highly efficient 2-pole or 4-pole electric motors
    5. Wide range of power control possible
    • Particularly powerful due to 2-pole drive motor (2,900 1/min - 50 Hz)
    • 40 % lighter than standard version due to lightweight aluminum construction
    • Compact: reduced overall height and therefore
    • equipped with terminal box
    • Higher cooling capacity with 2-pole drive motor with 60 Hz mains frequency
    • Oil pump lubrication as standard
    • Bock K-valve plate

    If the compressor is to be operated without a frequency converter at mains frequencies other than 50 Hz, the mains voltage must be adapted.

    HG compressor "Pluscom version”

    for power-intensive air-conditioning projects

    Aluminium Pluscom Verdichter HG34P

    For particularly power-intensive applications in cooling technology, such as mobile Bock offers the "Pluscom model" HG34P in 2-pole design.

    The 2-pole drive motor provides a speed of 2,900 rpm (in comparison, 4-pole 1,450 rpm) and a cooling capacity that is unprecedented in this size. The HG34P reciprocating compressor in 2-pole design is available in grey cast iron and in aluminum lightweight construction. It is equipped with a terminal box and has a reduced overall height.

    Compressor performance increased to the maximum:

    The BOCK valve plates K and N

    valve plate K

    This valve plate was specially developed by BOCK for mobile air-conditioning applications. Due to the use of annular lamellas, it is designed for higher loads and an increase in the maximum possible compressor performance.

    It has been used tens of thousands of times in bus air conditioning and is the worldwide benchmark for quality and reliability.

    Bock K valve plate advantages at a glance:
    • Specially developed for bus air-conditioning
    • Working valves made of high-quality, impact-resistant spring steel
    • extremely resistant and reliable at
      • constant speed and pressure fluctuations
      • exposure to liquids
    • Valve base plate - like the compressor - is made of aluminum
    • Operational safety: Loosely guided ring laminae: Resistant to bending and torsional forces, cannot fall into the cylinder chamber or hit the piston crown due to the special design.
    valve plate N

    Worldwide proven valve design with reed lamellas clamped on one side lamellas, suction, and pressure side. The valves are made of high-quality impact-resistant spring steel. 

    Bock N valve plate Advantages at a glance:
    • Cost-effective alternative to the K version
    • Universal use of the valve plate system (bus air-conditioning and other applications)
    • Valve base plate made of steel
    • Valve units of the N and K design as fixed on one side
      lamellas as a simple and cost-effective design construction


    IMPORTANT: Valves are subjected to bending and torsional forces, which reduces the load reserves in the air-conditioning system when exposed to liquids and high and high speeds.

    Low Temperature Special: the BOCK TK valve plate
    • Based on N-valve plate basic concept with
      delivery rate optimisation at low evaporating temperatures
    • For increased performance and minimisation of the damage space:
      Piston heads with grooved suction lamella contour

    BOCK semi-hermetic compressors, single- and two-stage (HG/HA)

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    BOCK F-Series - new F76 and optimized F88 series

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