BOCK open type vehicle compressors FK40 for mobile applications

Vehicle compressors for mobile cooling

BOCK FK compressors: Market leader with tradition and innovation

The BOCK vehicle compressors of the FK series are proof and result of
decades of practical knowledge and innovative spirit. Designed for use in bus and rail air conditioning, transport refrigeration for trucks and mobile refrigeration. Market leader in the field of vehicle compressors worldwide. The BOCK FK40 can look back on a long career because it has consistently and since the beginning of its development met, exceeded, and guaranteed the high-quality requirements that are important for efficient air conditioning and cooling. BOCK is constantly developing the FK compressor series further: To meet requirements such as climate change, the demands of modern living, increased need for comfort and health.

Cooling Application

  • Bus and train air conditioning
  • Electric bus air conditioning
  • Transport cooling for trucks


vehicle compressor FK

Product Quick-Check

vehicle compressor FK40
  1. Wear-resistant and durable power unit

  2. Forged connecting rods

  3. Reliable and safe oil supply

  4. Integrated collection system with large storage volume

  5. Efficient and robust valve plate system

mobile vehicle compressors FK40: Upgraded for very hot ambient temperatures

15 % more power at the same size

BOCK open type vehicle compressors FK30 for mobile applications

By expanding the FK compressors to 5 sizes with the FKX40/755, BOCK offers its customers 15 % more power with unchanged dimensions. Ideal for bus air conditioning with increased cooling capacity requirements: city and articulated buses, intercity buses or buses in areas with very warm ambient temperatures.

Open 2-, 4- and 6-cylinder compressors in all-aluminium lightweight construction

  • Light and compact design
  • Demand-oriented capacity regulation possible
  • Unique valve plate option
  • Wide speed range
  • Robust and easy to service
Compact lightweight
  • Compact design and low weight
  • Optimised heat dissipation due to ribbed surface
  • Efficient over the entire speed range


Robust and powerful
  • Special crankshaft design with

    bearing on both sides: works extremely reliable and speed resistant

  • Split connecting rods operate with low circumferential speeds and are easy to replace

  • Pressure lubrication with powerful oil pump

  • Oil pump which is independent of the direction of rotation

  • Extremely low wear, thus extremely
    long service life

  • Valve plate systems specially adapted to the field of application

valve plate K FK 40
Valve plate: K-design

Unique FK valve plate system specially developed for bus air-conditioning

  • Valve plate made of aluminium
  • Working valves made of high-quality, impact-resistant spring steel
  • Extremely robust and reliable in the face of speed and pressure fluctuations as well as exposure to liquids
  • Long service life due to loosely guided annular discs which prevent bending and torsional forces
  • Highest operational safety and efficiency


Valve Plate N FK compressor
Valve plate: N-design

Cost-effective and simple alternative to the K version

  • For universal use in mobile applications
  • Lamellas clamped on one side, which are exposed to bending and torsional forces; therefore limited load-bearing capacity at  high speed and exposure to liquids

vehicle compressor range and performance includes

3 sizes and 11 displacements

Displacements vehicle compressors

BOCK F-Series - new F76 and optimized F88 series

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