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Semi-hermetic compressors - single and two-stage

Gas and air-cooled compressors: The HG and HA series from BOCK

For more efficiency and durability in compressor and refrigeration system. For highest quality standards and reliability. The BOCK reciprocating compressors of the HG and HA series are always developed according to the latest technical standards and with a view to the environment, resource conservation and sustainability.

The HG series stands for semi-hermetic gas-cooled reciprocating compressors, the HA series stands for semi-hermetic air-cooled compressors.

BOCK HG and HA series


Here is a brief overview of the main advantages of our optimised HG and HA series with the most important components: On the following pages you will find everything you need to know about HG and HA reciprocating compressors.

Semi-hermetic compressors
BOCK compressor HG88e
BOCK compressor HG22e

Optimised compressor components

for even more performance and comfort

Optimised power unit
  • Reliable emergency operation
  • Resistance to damage caused by insufficient lubrication
  • Robust crankshaft design
  • Low friction, wear resistant plain bearings
  • Low oil throw
  • Aluminum connecting rods with high-strength piston pin bearings


Maintenance-free strainer
  • Easily removable oil strainer for easier maintenance and increased availability
Reliable oil supply
  • Oil pump lubrication independent of direction of rotation
  • Minimal oil throw
  • Service-friendly oil strainer
  • Oil pressure monitoring possible
  • Oil sump with large volume
  • Oil level regulator connection as standard
  • PTC oil sump heater, self-regulating for HG12 to HG34e
  • Constant heating capacity for HG44e, HG66e and HG88e
Electronic motor protection INT69 G

INT69 G Functions:

  • Motor temperature monitoring
  • Hot gas temperature monitoring (accessories)
  • Restart lockout
  • Reset function
Digital capacity control DCR14
(HG34e / HG44e / HG56e / HA34e / HA44e)
  • Digital control
  • Possibility of high switching frequency
  • Nearly stepless power regulation
  • Economical alternative to frequency converter


BOCK UL compressor range

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