BOCK compressor for explosion-risk environments EX-HG66e

BOCK semi-hermetic ATEX-compressors EX-HG series

compressors for potentially explosive atmospheres

Bock is the first European manufacturer to offer compressors that are compliant with ATEX/IECEx requirements. Electrical as well as mechanical equipment operating in explosive atmospheres must fulfil so-called ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles) or IECEx conditions. For such an application, the plant manufacturer must use correspondingly marked, compliant components.

The basis for the application within potentially explosive atmospheres are the proven semi-hermetic gas-cooled Bock compressors of the HG model series. Bock maintains a quality management system in accordance with EN 80079-34 compliant with ATEX and IECEx requirements.



ATEX compressor range - benefits
  1. Monitoring of all cylinder covers with special
    thermal protection thermostats (zone 1: included in delivery)
  2. 2 Paint finishes:
    ESD paint (explosion subgroup IIC)
    Polyurethane-free offshore paint (explosion subgroup IIB)
  3. Classification of the compressor in temperature class T3
  4. Explosion-proof design of the electrical components
  5. Potential equalisation connection
  6. Explosion-proof terminal box
  7. Explosion-proof accessories available

ATEX hydrocarbon compressors ZONE 1 +2

7 sizes and 25 displacements

ATEX compressor range



ATEX compressor range - refrigerants

NEW: BOCK EX-HG66e compressor

Compressor optimisation for potentially explosive environments

Valve plate mexxflow

BOCK has expanded the HG66e compressor series, which is already successful on the market: EX-HG66e is the newly optimized compressor for potentially explosive environments. Proven refrigeration design meets state-of-the-art technology:

The EX-HG66e series consists of four sizes for a displacement range from 116.5 m³/h to 180.0 m³/h (at 50 Hz)
  • With mexxFlow 2.0 valve plate system: more efficiency and reliability
  • Replaces the previous 4- and 6-cylinder EX-HG6 and EX-HG7 series
  • Focus on ease of service: stators can be changed on site without special tools
  • Optimized emergency running characteristics
  • Proven BOCK oil pump lubrication for high speed range in frequency converter operation
  • Improved gas flow for increased efficiency


The mexxFlow valve plates, already proven in the HG88e series, stand for high efficiency and reliability in high power operation. Click here for more info!

ATEX compressor EX-HG series

type code

ATEX compressor range - type key
  1. EX version
  2. Series
  3. Oil filling
  4. Size
  5. Number of cylinders
  6. e-series (Efficiency)
  7. Displacement
  8. Number of poles
  9.  Motor size 
  10. Hydrocarbons


BOCK EX-HG compressors for explosion risk environments

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