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compressors for synthetic refrigerants LG series Low-GWP

BOCK LG-compressor - (HFO & Low GWP)

The semi-hermetic LG series from Bock is specially designed for Low-GWP HFO refrigerants. This means that Bock offers a compressor portfolio with suitable compressor technology for all synthetic refrigerants.

Cooling Application
  • Heat pumps
  • Standard (normal) cooling
  • Low temerature applications

compressors for synthetic refrigerants LG series

Product Quick-Check

LG compressor range - benefits
  1.  Special sealing materials
  2. Optimized power unit
  3. Special oil filling for heat pump application
  4. Motor protection (device as accessory)

The °Clever Art of Cooling:
Refrigeration Expert Info
HFO refrigerants

Compared to standard HFC refrigerants, e.g. R404A and R134a, HFO refrigerants such as R455A or R1234ze place significantly higher demands on the compressors - in particular in terms of the engine, keyword emergency running properties.

The reason: HFO refrigerants have a significantly higher solubility in the oil, which leads to a strong reduction of the oil viscosity and thus increases the susceptibility to compressor damage. Therefore, the experienced Bock engineers used their experience in dealing with technically demanding refrigerants such as CO2 and hydrocarbons.

The result: the development of a special engine design for the new LG series. The compressors of this compressor type are "more insensitive" to the decreasing viscosity of the oil.

LG compressor - More BENEFITS

  • HFO refrigerants require special compressor technology:  Long-term tests in various refrigeration applications internally and externally.
  • Expert knowledge and decades of experience for:
    • RobustnessReliability
    • Durability over the entire life cycle of a system
  • More functional reliability
  • LG compressors are a separate series based on the semi-hermetic, suction gas-cooled HG compressor range
  • Optimized Driving Gear: more resistant compressors to decreasing oil viscosity
  • Solution for low-GWP HFO refrigerants: only one compressor version for all common refrigerants

LG compressors from Bock offer individually plannable, economical refrigeration system construction and are configurated for future-proof refrigerants that safely and sustainably fulfil the requirements for the global phase down of F-gases (F-gas regulation, Kigali Amendment etc.).



HA-LG compressor low temperature cooling


This means that our semi-hermetic air-cooled compressor is now available as a low-GWP version. The HA-LG compressor is direct-intake and the motor is air-cooled.

The combination of two ingenious BOCK development principles come together and provide an immense increase in performance and range of application.

Learn more about the HA principle and our HA series compressors here:

BOCK HA-compressor

COMPRESSORS for synthetic refrigerants LG series

sizes and displacements

7 sizes and 25 displacements

LG compressor range

3 sizes and 10 displacements

LG compressor range

synthetic refrigerants

for HG-LG compressor and HA-LG compressor

LG compressor range - refrigerants

compressor for for synthetic refrigerants

Typekey HG-LG and HA-LG compressors

LG compressor range - type key
  1. Compressor series
  2. Ester oil filling
  3. Size
  4. Number of cylinders
  5. Series (efficiency series)
  6. Displacement
  7. Motor variant
  8. HP code for motor size
  9. LG - Low-GWP

BOCK LG compressor range - the solution für low-GWP HFO refrigerants

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