BOCK condensing units air-cooled SHG56e-L

Condensing units air-cooled single and two-stage

BOCK Condensing units for every amibient temperature

Bock condensing units are the ideal solution for any cooling application and ambient temperature. The condenser units in the versions SHA for air-cooled compressors, SHG for gas-cooled compressors and the two-stage SHGZs offer maximum reliability and operate efficiently.

Condensing Unit gas-cooled, 1-stage


BOCK condensing units air-cooled SHG
The SHG condensers from Bock are a completely revised and optimized unit series with displacement volumes from 5 to 116.5 m³/h.

The newly developed and already tested compressors HG44e, HG56e, HG66e and the further developed types HG22e and HG34e were used here. In conjunction with our generously designed condensers, they are highly recommended for refrigeration applications with demanding ambient temperatures.

Condensing Unit air-cooled, 1-stage


BOCK condensing units air-cooled SHA
SHA-L COndensing units, 1-stage, Air-Cooled

Low-temperature cooling applications  place higher demands on the compressor. The refrigerant mass flow is lower at low temperatures. Thus, the refrigerant is heated disproportionately by the drive motor.

Decreasing specific density and reduced efficiency are the consequences. The discharge gas and oil temperatures rise and the oil ages more quickly as a result. The lubricating properties deteriorate.

The BOCK SHA unit was specially developed for the low-temperature range.

The series is an efficient semi-hermetic solution for air-cooled compressors and works as follows:

  • Compressor works direct-intake, motor is air-cooled
  • Suction gas is not additionally heated but is drawn in directly from the compressor
  • Motor is cooled via a ventilation unit


Condensing unit air-cooled, 2-stage


BOCK condensing units air-cooled SHGZ7 two-stage
SHGZ condensing units air-cooled 2-stage

The two-stage condensers of the BOCK SHGZ series are ideally equipped for extended use low temperature cooling and are fitted with BOCK HGZ7 compressors.

The two-stage compressors and the Bock "condenser-fan combination" provide sufficient power reserves. This condensing unit is ideal for demanding cooling applications such as shock freezing. The SHGZ series is already equipped with two-stage components as standard:

  • Liquid subcooler
  • post-injection valve
  • Solenoid valve
  • Sight glass
  • Filter dryer


Condensing Units Benefits

SHG / SHA and SHGZ series

BOCK condensing units air-cooled SHG66e-L
  • Efficient condensers in reliable tube fin design
  • For low and high ambient temperatures
  • Robust fans for speed control - made in Germany
  • Redundant fans double and quadruple for safely cooled goods from 27m³/h and 48 m³/h respectively




Condensing Units SHG - SHA- SHGZ

Sizes and Displacements

Condensing units SHG - range
6 Sizes and 19 Displacements


Condensing units SHA - range
3 sizes and 10 Displacements
Condensing units two-stage SHGZ - range
1 Model, 3 Displacements

Condensing Units

Refrigerant Overview

Condensing units SHG - refrigerants
Condensing units SHA - refrigerants
Condensing units two-stage SHGZ - refrigerants

Condensing Units

Type Codes SHG - SHA - SHGZ

Condensing units SHG - type key
  1. Series
  2. Ester oil filling 
  3. Size
  4. Number of cylinders
  5. Series (efficiency)
  6. Displacement
  7. Number of poles
  8. Motor version 

Condensing units SHA - type key
  1. Series
  2. Ester oil filling 
  3. Size
  4. Number of cylinders
  5. Series (efficiency)
  6. Displacement
  7. Number of poles
  8. Motor version 
Condensing units two-stage SHGZ - type key
  1. Series / Two-stage
  2. Ester oil filling 
  3. Size
  4. Displacement
  5. Number of poles
  6. Motor version