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BOCK F-Series for marine and stationary refrigeration

Compressors of the Bock F-series are ideally suited for the high demands of shipping: for air-conditioning cabins and cooling supplies on passenger ships, containers, or fishing boats. In the stationary refrigeration sector, the reciprocating compressors offer extremely easy handling. And this even under challenging conditions such as unreliable or varying voltage supply.

Open compressor F-series

Product Quick Check

F compressor range - benefits
Valve Plate mexxFlow 2.0
  1. Flexible connection

  2. Easily replaceable shaft seal for maintenance purposes

  3. Practical draining option via freely accessible hose section

  4. Oil service valve (optional)

  5. Two sight glasses for flexible oil level checking

  6. mexxFlow 2.0
    New valve plate system for demanding marine applications

  7. Proven and reliable oil pump lubrication system

Open compressor F-series

More Producthighlights

Bock F-compressors are a high-quality alternative for industrial refrigeration applications with consistently high efficiency. Especially our F76 and F88 series:

  • More compact, more cost-effective with higher efficiency
    compared to industrial compressors in this performance range
  • Reduced maintenance intervals for industrial refrigeration processes
  • Highly efficient valve plate system mexxFlow 2.0 proven with semi-hermetic large Bock seals, now integrated in the F76 and F88 compressor series and even more resistant than the previous version

  • Oil supply for reliability and durability
  • Oil pump lubrication system independent of direction of rotation
  • Minimised oil throw
  • Service-friendly oil strainer
  • Large-volume oil sump with connection options for oil pressure monitoring and
  • Oil level regulator (standard)

Comparison of the new F76 series with predecessor models

F76 versus F14/16

Model Displacement
at 1.740 U/min:
Older Models Displacement
at 1.740 U/min:
- - F14/1166 121,7 m3/h
F76/1570 164,0 m3/h F14/1366 142,8 m3/h
F76/1800 188,0 m3/h F16/1751 182,6 m3/h
F76/2050 214,0 m3/h F16/2051 214,1 m3/h
F76/2425 253,0 m3/h - -


open compressor-F76-F16-raised-base-plate
open compressor-F76-F14-raised-base-plate

F76 vs. F16 with raised base plate

  • No difference in height of crankshaft + pipe connections
  • Foot mounting dimensions of F76 and F16 models identical
  • Cylindrical crankshaft end (F16: conical)


F76 vs. F16 with lower base plate

  • Difference in height of crankshaft + tube connections: 50 mm
  • Foot mounting dimensions of F76 and F16 models identical
  • Cylindrical crankshaft end (F16: conical)

F76 vs. F14 with raised base plate

  • 6 instead of 4 cylinders
  • Difference in height of crankshaft: 19 mm
  • Foot mounting dimensions of F76 and F14 models identical
  • Cylindrical crankshaft end (F14: conical)
  • Different position of shut-off valves

Open compressor F-Series

6 model sizes 10 displacements

F compressor range

Open compressor F-Series

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F compressor range - refrigerants

Open compressor F-Series

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BOCK open compressors - F Series

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