BOCK compressor HG34e

semi-hermetic compressors gas-cooled

The Bock HG compressor series, single-stage & gas-cooled

The HG series is based on a classic, suction gas-cooled compressor technology according to the latest state of the art. Smooth running, service-friendliness, high performance and reliability are the distinguishing features of these modern compressors.

The semi-hermetic compressors have been completely optimised with regard to further efficiency gains. The new models feature a "e" for more efficiency, offer mechanical improvements, compact design and user-friendly connections.

Gas-cooled compressors HG series

Product Quick-Check

HG gas-cooled compressor range - benefits
  1. Proven and reliable oil pump lubrication
  2. Standard footprints
  3. Standard-position sight glass
  4. mexxFlow® 2.0 valve plate system
  5. Newly designed housing with optimized gas flow
  6. Standard-position valves
  7. Highly efficient electric motors of the latest generation
  8. Exchangeable motor

Gas-cooled compressor HG series


  • Excellent running smoothness
  • Efficiency and reliability at the highest quality level
  • Service-friendly design, for example due to interchangeable drive motors
  • Oil pump lubrication
  • Electronic motor protection
    (Models: HG12P, HG22e, HG34e, HG44e, HG 56e, HG66e, HG88e)

Gas-cooled compressor HG series

7 sizes and 25 displacements

HG gas-cooled compressor range

Gas-cooled compressor HG series

Refrigerant Overview

suitable refrigerants BOCK HG compressors

Gas-cooled compressor HG series

Type code

HG gas-cooled compressor range - typekey
  1. Series
  2. Ester Oil Filling
  3. Size
  4. Number of cylinders 
  5. Series (efficiency)
  6. Swept volume
  7. Number of poles
  8. Motor variant S
    (More powerful motor e.g. air-conditioning applications)


BOCK UL compressor range

Product brochure

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