BOCK two-stage compressor HGZ7

Semi-hermetic compressors, two-stage gas-cooled HGZ

BOCK HGZ-compressor series

Based on the HG series, BOCK has developed a two-stage compressor series for extended use in low temperature cooling. The HGZ compressor series provides a 6-cylinder compressor which is currently available in two versions. The HGZ compressor is alternatively available with a medium-pressure mixing line as an accessory or as an already mounted version.

Cooling Application

  • Extended use in low temperature cooling

two-stage semi-hermetic compressor

Product Quick-Check

HG two-stage gas-cooled compressor range - benefits
  1. Subcooler
  2. Post-injection valve
  3. Solenoid valve
  4. Suction gas line connection
  5. Liquid line connection

two-stage semi-hermetic compressor HGZ-series



  • 6-cylinder version
  • LP/HP stage split in a ratio of 2:1
  • Two-stage operation with liquid subcooler
  • Post-injection valve matched to refrigerant and application
  • Particularly reliable and economical compressor concept

two-stage HGZ-compressors

sizes and displacements

HGZ two-stage gas-cooled compressor range

two-stage HGZ-compressor

Refrigerant Overview

HGZ two-stage gas-cooled compressor range - refrigerants

two-stage HGZ-compressor

Type code

HGZ gas-cooled compressor range - type key
  1. Compressor series
  2. Esteroil filling
  3. Size
  4. Displacement
  5. Number of poles
  6. Refrigerant

BOCK UL compressor range

Product brochure

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