BOCK HC compressor HG56e HC

BOCK semi-hermetic hydrocarbon compressors (HC)

for refrigrants R290 (Propane) and R1270 (Propene)

BOCK compressors for hydrocarbons meet all the requirements of the F-Gas Regulation and can be used on a long-term basis. This means planning security for plant manufacturers, users and investors.

For the use of R290 / R1270, Bock has developed a separate compressor variant for hydrocarbons. The HG HC range evolved from the powerful semi-hermetic HG compressor sereis and was holistically optimised to meet the special requirements of flammable refrigerants.

Semi-hermetic compressors for hydrocarbons - HC series

Differences to a standard compressor

HC compressor range - benefits
  1. Oil sump heater (necessary)
  2. Thermal protection thermostat (recommended)
  3. Special oil charge with BOCKlub G68 (PAG)
  4. Durable driving gear
  5. Electronic motor protection enclosed for installation in the switch cabinet

Semi-hermetic compressors for hydrocarbons HC-series

The most important at a glance

BOCK HC compressors
Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Economic HC compressor version also as non ATEX
  • Highest efficiency
  • Sustainable solution


Holistic design for hydrocarbon applications

  • Reliable long life compressor design
  • >10 years experiences in many different applications


Wide & safe operating and capacity range
  • Biggest commercial reciprocating HC range in the market
  • Experiences also in special applications

Semi-hermetic hydrocarbons compressor - HC series

7 sizes and 25 displacements

HC compressor range

hydrocarbon compressor HC-series

Refrigerant Overview

HC compressor range - refrigerants

hydrocarbon compressor HC-series

Type code

HC Verdichterbaureihe - Typenschlüssel
  1. Compressor series
  2. Size
  3. Cylinder size
  4. Series (efficiency series)
  5. Displacement
  6. Number of poles
  7. Motor size
  8. Hydrocarbon-specific pressure design



The installation and operation of the above-mentioned HC compressors may only be carried out if the planner, installer and operator of the corresponding systems and every person working on them have the necessary expertise. Furthermore, compliance with the applicable standards, legal principles and safety regulations for the planning, execution, operation, maintenance and possible repair of corresponding systems must be ensured. In addition, the national regulations must be observed! 

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BOCK compressors for hydrocarbons (HC)

Product catalogue

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Extended operating limits - HC and heat pump

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