"We see CO2 as the future trend"

Interview with our partner in Latvia

2021, BOCK and its business partner SIA Vega 1 Serviss, Latvia, together successfully realized a project with BOCK CO2 compressors in the supermarket application area.
We would like to let our business partner, Mr. Roberts Taubergs, Technical Director of SIA Vega 1 Serviss, have have a word on this.

Roberts Taubergs

Roberts Taubergs, Technical Director, Vega 1 Serviss

Mr. Taubergs, how long has your company been working with CO2 equipment? What CO2 projects have you been able to implement?

Mr. Taubergs:
Since 2014, our company has been working on CO2-Projects. Our main activity is the project design, assembly and installation of the cooling systems and further after-sales service for shops and other facilities. We started the production of CO2-Units in 2015. In 2016, we became an official representative of BOCK in Latvia, and all our CO2-Units are exclusively produced with BOCK compressors on for CO2 refrigerant. Beginning in 2019, we launched CO2-powered systems with parallel compression. Up to 2021, we have produced 16 units with an average capacity of 135/20 kW.

Over the last few years, BOCK has optimised its product range of compressors, substantially extending and modernising it from a technical point of view.
The range of CO2 compressors has also been optimised and complemented by new models. As a Specialist in your area, which of these technical innovations would you highlight?

Mr. Taubergs:
Let me say that a major advantage is that the BOCK Compressors are safe, reliable and well-thought-out, that provide the consumer with an energy-efficient, low-noise, high-quality product. Last, but not least, the optimal delivery time is also extremely important.

Worldwide, and especially in Europe, there is a tendency towards a phased transition to natural and alternative refrigerants. Do you think that the BOCK LG compressor range specifically designed to operate with low-GWP refrigerants such as R455A and R1234ze, has a good perspective in your market?

Mr. Taubergs:
The product will certainly be of interest to some manufacturers. And the potential is there. As for our company, we are concentrating more on CO2 application as we see it as the future trend.

What particular trends are your customers most interested in? What exactly do your customers pay attention to besides the price?

Mr. Taubergs:
The nature of our market is slightly different from "Old Europe". The most important aspects of our market are price, delivery time, ability to get quality and fast after-sales service. In our opinion, all these parameters are very balanced and guaranteed with BOCK compressors.

SIA Vega 1 Serviss, Latvia

SIA Vega 1 Serviss in Liepāja, Latvia

Due to the pandemic and the inability to communicate directly with its customers this year, ВОСК has held and is holding a series of online webinars for its customers, including on CO2. How did this format work for you, were you able to benefit from it?

Mr. Taubergs:
Certainly, considering the situation in the world, there are more and more such workshops. However, taking into account the knowledge and professionalism of the BOCK -Team, in my opinion such webinars do provide a much deeper and fuller learning opportunity. But of course, I look forward to meeting you personally.

Thank you very much for the open and friendly conversation, Mr. Taubergs!

Project details

CO2 plant for one of the leading Baltic food chains

supermarket Liepaja, Latvia 03
supermarket Liepaja, Latvia 02
supermarket Liepaja, Latvia 01

7 BOCK CO2 compressors

  • HGX 34/210-4S CO2 T –  3 pcs., transcritical
  • HGX 34/190-4S CO2 T –  1 pc., parallel compressor
  • HGX 12e/50-4S CO2    –  3 pcs., subcritical

Additional equipment: Danfoss, GVN, OCS Cold
Total area: 1240 m²
Cooling capacity: 150 kW transcritical /20 kW subcritical/20 kW parallel compressor
Refrigerant: R744/CO2