BOCK compressor HG66e

Semi-hermetic compressors UL recognized

The BOCK UL-HG compressor series for USA and CANADA

The new UL-HGe series is a stand-alone series that incorporates all the advantages of the suction gas cooled HG series, which has been proven for decades, and meets all relevant safety features for the US and Canadian markets. The semi-hermetic compressor range is UL-recognized and has been further optimized internally at Bock: UL-HGe compressors are energy-efficient, robust and compact. The compressors were designed for a wide range of applications.

gas-cooled compressor UL-HG

Product Quick-Check

HG gas-cooled compressor range - benefits
Valve Plate mexxFlow 2.0
  1. Proven and reliable oil pump lubrication
  2. Standard footprints
  3. Standard-position sight glass
  4. mexxFlow® 2.0 valve plate system
  5. Newly designed housing with optimized gas flow
  6. Standard-position valves
  7. Highly efficient electric motors of the latest generation
  8. Exchangeable motor

Gas-cooled compressor UL-HG series

More Benefits

  • Excellent running smoothness
  • Efficiency and reliability at the highest quality level
  • Service-friendly design, for example due to interchangeable drive motors
  • Oil pump lubrication
  • Electronic motor protection INT69 G
    (Models: HG12P, HG22e, HG34e, HG44e, HG 56e, HG66e)


"UL" stands for the U.S. company “Underwriters Laboratories (UL)”.
It tests and certifies products about their safety. UL standards encompass UL’s safety research and scientific expertise.

C RU US      

               Flags US CAN

gas-cooled-compressor UL-HG series

6 sizes and 22 displacements

semi-hermetic gascooled compressor-UL-displacement-diagram

gas-cooled compressor UL-HG series

Refrigerant Overview

Refrigerants UL-HGe compressor

gas-cooled compressor UL-HG series

Type Code

semi-hermetic gascooled compressor-UL-type-key
  1. Identification UL compressor
  2. Hermetic gas-cooled
  3. Ester oil filling
  4. Size
  5. Number of cylinders
  6. Series (efficiency)
  7. Swept volume
  8. Motor application: S – strong motor e.g. AC; ML – motor for MT and LT
  9. HP code for motor size

BOCK UL compressor range

Product brochure

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