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Best-in-class: BOCKlub compressor oils

Best compressor oils for mobile and stationary compressors with natural and synthetic refrigerants.

As a leading compressor manufacturer, we at Bock know what your compressor needs to keep everything running like clockwork. For a long service life, wear protection, conservation of resources with increased efficiency and the best performance for your Bock compressor, we have developed a perfectly fitting compressor oil and launched it on the market: BOCKlub.

The °Clever Art of Protection

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As clever best-in-class solutions, BOCK compressors ensure the reliable operation of refrigeration systems and heat pumps worldwide. Each component is designed for perfect interaction. The new BOCKlub is one of them. 

BOCKlub - best-in-class compressor oils

  • Wide range of applications from low temperature to heat pumps
  • Excellent viscosity/temperature behavior
  • High chemical and thermal stability 
  • Quality tested in long-term tests 
  • Regular quality control and validation with new refrigerants
  • Excellent chemical compatibility with natural and synthetic refrigerants
  • Easy upgrade* from previously used oils
  • Operation limit extension for BOCK HC compressors

* except BOCK HC compressors

BOCKlub compressor oil visual

Only the use of precisely fitting compressor oils guarantees the best performance and efficiency of your BOCK compressors. This is a decisive component, also with respect to constantly increasing performance requirements and the use of new refrigerants. As a leading compressor manufacturer, we know best which specifications these oils require. That is why we 
have developed the BOCK lub program for you: Best compressor oils for our mobile and stationary best-in-class solutions – perfectly matched to BOCK compressors with natural and synthetic refrigerants. 

High wear protection, increased efficiency and resource-saving 

The new BOCKlub oils do much more than just provide optimum lubrication: they simultaneously offer high wear protection, increase efficiency, availability as well 
as service life and, thanks to their special tribological properties, also minimize the energy consumption of the systems. We call this: The °Clever Art of Protection.

BOCKlub program

Refrigerant Hydrocarbons CO2 and HFO HFC and HFO HCFC

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Best-in-class: BOCKlub compressor oils

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