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BOCK brochures, catalogues and leaflets

Here you can find all information material about our company, our products and services at a glance and download them directly.

BOCK compressors for hydrocarbons (HC)

PDF  |  12.72 MiB

BOCK semi-hermetic compressors, single- and two-stage (HG/HA)

PDF  |  28.88 MiB

BOCK condensing units air-cooled

PDF  |  18.74 MiB

BOCK F-Series - new F76 and optimized F88 series

PDF  |  1.81 MiB

Best-in-class: BOCKlub compressor oils

PDF  |  1 MiB

CO2 compressor range BOCK HGX24e CO2 LT - the new CO2 compressor range for low temperature with high standstill pressures

PDF  |  1.5 MiB

BOCK HA-LG compressor range for low temp applications

PDF  |  1.68 MiB

BOCK CO2 compressor program - transcritical and subcritical CO2 cmpressor range

PDF  |  4.31 MiB

BOCK LG compressor range - the solution für low-GWP HFO refrigerants

PDF  |  2.36 MiB